10 Best German Rappers That’ll Make You Fall In Love With German Hip Hop

It’s obvious that when it comes to European hip hop, German hip hop is one of the best. Prepare to be blown away by the vibrant and dynamic world of German hip hop as we present to you the 10 best German rappers who are redefining the genre. From hard-hitting beats to thought-provoking lyrics, these artists have captured the hearts of music lovers around the globe with their unique style and captivating performances. Let’s dive into the rich and diverse landscape of German hip hop together, showcasing the talents of these remarkable artists who have proven that language is no barrier when it comes to making great music. Here is a list of 10 best German rappers we compiled for you.

10. MERO

Listen to MERO on Spotify

9. Loredana

Listen to Loredana on Spotify

8. Kontra K

Listen to Kontra K on Spotify

7. Shindy

Listen to Shindy on Spotify

6. Trettmann

Listen to Trettmann on Spotify

5. Apache 207

Listen to Apache 207 on Spotify

4. Bausa

Listen to Bausa on Spotify

3. Capital Bra

Listen to Capital Bra on Spotify

2. Bonez MC

Listen to Bonez MC on Spotify

1. Ufo361

Listen to Ufo361 on Spotify

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