10 Best Spanish Rappers Who Changed The Game Entirely

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Whether it is Spanish hip hop or Latin hip hop, who doesn’t enjoy listening to Spanish rap songs? Today we bring you the best hip hop artists who make us fall in love with the Spanish language.

10. Yung Beef

When it comes to the combination of trap, salsa and reggaeton, no one is better than Yung Beef (Fernando Gálvez Gómez). The 32-year-old rapper with his bold fashion sense is one of the biggest names in the Spanish rap scene.

Listen to Yung Beef on Spotify.

9. Kaydy Cain

As the younger member of the extinct group, PXXR GVNG , Kaydy Cain (Dani Gómez) began his career way before the group's foundation in 2009. Though during the PXXR GVNG years he became the quieter member of the group, he has put out songs under his name since the group's break-up in 2017.

Listen to Kaydy Cain on Spotify.

8. Kidd Keo

Unlike other rappers in the list, much of Kidd Keo's music is mostly based on Americanized sound. Perhaps, it is because of his German stepfather and his family's move to Toronto, Canada.

Listen to Kidd Keo on Spotify. 

7. C. Tangana

The Madrid-born rapper, C. Tangana (Anton Alvarez Alfaro), is one of the most listened Spanish rappers whose influences are Drake, Kanye West and the Beastie Boys. His music is generally about romance, sadness, and heartbreak etc.

Listen to C. Tangana on Spotify.

6. El Chojin

Speaking of Spanish rap,  we must mention El Chojin (Domingo Edjang Moreno), who is, without a doubt, one of the best rappers of all time. He has the Guinness World Record for rapping most syllables in one minute.

Listen to El Chojin on Spotify.

5. Mala Rodríguez

The multiple Latin GRAMMY-winning, Barcelona-based artist, Mala Rodríguez, was the first (and only) female artist to win both Best Urban Song and Best Urban Album at the Latin GRAMMYS.

Listen to Mala Rodríguez on Spotify.

4. Maluma

Listen to Maluma on Spotify.

3. J Balvin

Listen to J Balvin on Spotify.

2. Daddy Yankee

Listen to Daddy Yankee on Spotify.

1. Bad Bunny

And... The one and only, everybody's favorite Spanish rap artist Bad Bunny. He is currently the world's most streamed rap artist after Drake.

Listen to Bad Bunny on Spotify.

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