10 Best Spanish Rappers Who Changed The Game Entirely

Whether it is Spanish hip hop or Latin hip hop, who doesn’t enjoy listening to Spanish rap songs? From iconic pioneers to emerging talents, we will delve into the artists that have made Spanish hip hop a force to be reckoned with on the global stage. Get ready to immerse yourself in the infectious energy and undeniable talent of Spanish hip hop ’cause today we bring you the best hip hop artists who make us fall in love with the Spanish language.

10. Yung Beef

Listen to Yung Beef on Spotify.

9. Kaydy Cain

Listen to Kaydy Cain on Spotify.

8. Kidd Keo

Listen to Kidd Keo on Spotify. 

7. C. Tangana

Listen to C. Tangana on Spotify.

6. El Chojin

Listen to El Chojin on Spotify.

5. Mala Rodríguez

Listen to Mala Rodríguez on Spotify.

4. Maluma

Listen to Maluma on Spotify.

3. J Balvin

Listen to J Balvin on Spotify.

2. Daddy Yankee

Listen to Daddy Yankee on Spotify.

1. Bad Bunny

Listen to Bad Bunny on Spotify.

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