10 Best Turkish Rappers That Are Surprisingly Great AF

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As far as we know, since the early 2000s, there have been awesome Turkish rappers making good music out there. However, in recent years, rap music has become the most popular genre in Turkey. Check out some great Turkish rappers we compiled for you.

10. Ben Fero

Listen to Ben Fero on Spotify

9. Gazapizm

Listen to Gazapizm on Spotify

8. Şehinşah

Listen to Şehinşah on Spotify

7. Sansar Salvo

Listen to Sansar Salvo on Spotify

6. Anıl Piyancı

Listen to Anıl Piyancı on Spotify

5. Ayben

Listen to Ayben on Spotify

4. Norm Ender

Listen to Norm Ender on Spotify

3. Ezhel

Listen to Ezhel on Spotify

2. Sagopa Kajmer

Listen to Sagopa Kajmer on Spotify

1. Ceza

Listen to Ceza on Spotify

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