9 Stunning Facts About Being Pregnant And Babies That Will Surprise The Hell Out Of You

Pregnancy and having a baby is one of the most miraculous things in the world for sure. And not every baby is born in the same way. Here are the 9 amazing things about pregnancy and having a baby.

1. Babies can taste the food their mothers eat in the womb.


2. Babies pee in the uterus. Then they drink it.

3. In fact, amniotic fluid is mostly sterile urine.

4. The longest known pregnancy lasted for 12 months.


Pregnancies normally last around 280 days, but as Beulah Hunter from Los Angeles discovered, sometimes they can last over a year.

5. There are more twins born in Central Africa than in anywhere in the world.

6. A first-time mother's breast milk can sometimes be orange or pink.


It's called "rusty pipe syndrome," and happens because increased blood flow to the breast means blood ends up in the breast milk. It's totally safe for a baby to drink, though, and usually clears up in a week.

7. It's possible to deliver a nearly 6.5-kilo baby without an epidural.

As it happened to this Australian mom, Natashia Corrigan, whose son, Brian Jr., weighed in at 6.5 kilos!

8. There's actually a scientific reason you sometimes want to eat your baby.

If you've ever been admiring your baby and got the urge to nibble on their cute little face, you're not weird. Psychological scientists at Yale found these "dimorphous expressions" have a sociological purpose — to help us control our emotions.

9. Finally, this is how a baby's face forms in the womb.


In the end, they become the most beautiful creatures in the world...

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