12 Interesting Facts About Facebook

In addition to being the world’s most popular social networking platform, Facebook is also the world’s third most popular website. However, the road to the top was not an easy one. So, we’ve compiled a list of 12 interesting facts about Facebook you should know.

12. It wasn't the first website that Mark Zuckerberg founded.

11. Zuckerberg founded FaceMash way before he founded Facebook.

10. 2.9 billion people monthly people use Facebook.

9. Almost 80% of internet users use at least one platform belonging to Facebook (Meta) daily.

8. Facebook is the 10th most valuable company in the world.

7. It is the third most popular website.

6. Facebook is available in almost 100 languages.

5. There are over 85 million fake accounts on Facebook.

4. Meta spends over $30 million in a month just to host Facebook. 

3. Facebook currently has over 30 million dead users.

2. Meta loses around US $25,000 every minute when the site goes down.

1. Facebook's logo has remained unchanged over the years.

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