12 Interesting Facts About Fight Club You Probably Didn’t Know Before

Fight Club was a big disappointment at the box office in the year 1999 when it was first released. It received a lot of bad reviews from critics and its viewers. However, after its theatrical journey, the movie reached a large number of DVD sales, and film lovers all around the world began to explore the movie, which eventually made it a cult classic. Today, we bring you 12 surprising things you might not know about Fight Club.

12. The movie was based on a brand-new book.


Chuck Palahniuk's book, Fight Club, came out in 1996, and later it was announced that David Fincher would turn it into a screenplay in 1997.

11. The author admits that movie is way better than the novel itself.

The author of the book, Chuck Palahniuk, stated that he found the film to be an improvement on his novel.

10. Brad Pitt was paid a seven times higher salary than that of his co-star Edward Norton.

Pitt was paid $17.5 million for his part in the film, while Norton was paid $2.5 million.

9. Helena Bonham Carter and Brad Pitt spent three days recording orgasmic sounds for their unseen sex scenes.

8. Edward Norton lost 17-20 pounds for his role in Fight Club.

Norton lost 17-20 pounds for this role after having to beef up tremendously for his role in American History X. Running, taking vitamins and just ignoring the on-set catering helped Norton achieve this.

7. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt both actually learned how to make soap.

6. There is a Starbucks coffee cup visible in every shot in the movie.

David Fincher claimed in an interview in UK film magazine Empire, that there is a Starbucks coffee cup visible in every shot in the movie.

5. The filming of Fight Club lasted 138 days.

With over 300 scenes shot on 200 locations and 72 sets constructed by production designer Alex McDowell, filming lasted 138 days.

4. The scene where the Narrator hits Tyler Durden in the ear was actually real.

Edward Norton was originally going to fake hit Brad Pitt, however, before the scene, David Fincher pulled Norton aside and told him not to fake it. So in the scene you can see Norton smiling and laughing while Pitt is in pain.

3. Brad Pitt says he never wanted his parents to see the movie.

However, he could not convince them not to watch it.

2. Even though Edward Norton refused to smoke in Rounders (1998), he agreed to smoke for Fight Club.

His character in Rounders (1998) plays poker for cigarettes, but does not smoke.

1. Helena Bonham Carter and Brad Pitt posed in a few different positions from the Kama Sutra for the sex scenes.

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