11 Interesting Lil Tracy Facts You Might Never Have Heard Before

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If you call yourself a Lil Tracy fan, here are 11 surprising facts you might never have heard about Jazz Ishmael Butler, AKA Lil Tracy or Yung Bruh.

11. Lil Tracy's actual name is Jazz Ishmael Butler.


10. He was born on October 3, 1995.


9. His parents are both famous musicians.

His mother is Coko Clemons from R&B group SWV and his father is from former hip hop trio Digable Planets.

8. Before the stage name Lil Tracy, he used various stage names.

Yung Bruh, Souljawitch, Sicko Tracy Persian, Yunng Karma, and Dolphin were some of the stage names he perfomed under since 2012.

7. He started making music, when he was just 15.

Because both of his parents being popular musicians, he's always been around music.

6. In 2018, Tracy had a heart attack.

After having a heart attack, he stopped using drugs.

5. The first time when he met one of his best friends Lil Peep, they made a song in one day.


They made the song "White Tee" the day they met.

4. He got the stage name, Lil Tracy, after always wearing a Tracy McGrady jersey.


3. His parents separated when he was young.

Therefore, he had to bounce between two homes while growing up.

2. He was homeless for a while as a teenager.

Though he has had his both famous parents, he was homeless for a while when he was a teenager and he moved to California from Virginia when he was 18.

1. He suffered a tragedy when one of his best friends, the rapper, Lil Peep died from an overdose of fentanyl and Xanax.

They had made lots of songs together such as "witchblades" and “Awful Things” which peaked at # 79 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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