20 Surprising Facts About Lil Xan

Lil Xan is a unique rapper and singer known for his distinctive style and personal journey. With hits like “Betrayed,” he has gained popularity while openly sharing his struggles with addiction and mental health. Lil Xan’s music blends rap, emo, and alternative rock, creating a sound that stands out. Despite controversy, he continues to connect with fans through his transparent and authentic approach. In thist list, you’ll discover 20 surprising facts about Lil Xan.

1. Lil Xan, whose real name is Diego Leanos, is an American rapper and singer.

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2. He was born on September 6, 1996, in Redlands, California.

3. Lil Xan gained popularity in 2017 with his breakout hit single "Betrayed."

4. He initially gained attention through his music posted on SoundCloud.

5. Lil Xan's stage name "Xan" is derived from the prescription drug Xanax, which he used to struggle with addiction to.

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6. He has openly discussed his past struggles with substance abuse and his journey to sobriety.

7. Lil Xan is known for his face tattoos, including the word "CANDY" on his right cheek.

8. He has released several mixtapes and albums, including "Total Xanarchy" in 2018.

9. Lil Xan has collaborated with artists such as Diplo, Lil Skies, and Charli XCX.

10. He has a large following on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

11. Lil Xan has been involved in various controversies, including feuds with other artists and controversial statements on social media.

12. In 2018, he announced his retirement from music, but later returned to the music scene.

13. Lil Xan has a distinctive rap style characterized by melodic flows and introspective lyrics.

14. He has expressed admiration for artists like Mac Miller and Lil Peep, who have also struggled with addiction and mental health issues.

15. Lil Xan has been open about his battle with anxiety and depression.

16. He has been known to incorporate elements of emo and alternative rock into his music.

17. Lil Xan has a love for tattoos and has a significant number of inkings on his body.

18. He has a son named Dieguito, who was born in 2019.

19. Lil Xan has faced criticism for his controversial statements and perceived lack of authenticity.

20. Despite the controversies, Lil Xan continues to make music and has a dedicated fan base.

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