15 Interesting and Fun Facts About Monkeys You Never Knew

We, as humans, usually find monkeys fun and hilarious and some animal lovers might know that there are over 260 different species of monkeys. However, how well do you really know about them? Check out the 15 surprising monkey facts we compiled for you.

1. First off, Monkeys are divided into three groups; Old World Monkeys, New World Monkeys and Monkeys.

2. According to recent studies, there are 264 different monkey species living worldwide.

3. Chimpanzees are the only living species that can use tools after humans.

4. Grooming is used to strengthen and repair relationships.

5. Monkeys have their own unique sets of fingerprints just as humans do.

6. Mandrill monkeys have fangs that are longer than a lion's fangs.

They also have multi-colored bottoms which makes them easier to see in the leafy gloom of the forest.

7. The fastest primate in the world is the patas monkey.

It can reach speeds of 34 miles per hour.

8. The biggest monkey on Earth is the male mandrill.

It is almost 3.3 feet long and it weighs about 77 pounds.

9. The capuchin monkey is the most intelligent and the most common of the New World monkeys.

10. Capuchin monkeys are named after the 16th-century monks because their hair looks like the monks' hooded robes.

11. Monkeys live between 10 and 50 years.

The lifespan of a monkey depends on its species.

12. The gestation period lasts between 137 to 241 days, depending on the species.

Most monkeys give birth to only one baby at a time just as humans do.

13. Spider monkeys get their name because of their long arms, legs and tail.

14. Most monkeys have tails.

15. Apes and lemurs aren't monkeys.

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