10 Interesting Facts About Pringles

If you are the type of person who loves chips as snack food and Pringles crisps are one of your favorites, you’ll love these 10 interest facts about Pringles.

10. The name, Pringles, actually comes from a street in Ohio.

Procter & Gamble had to find a new name for their new product. And they wanted it to start with the letter "P" as in the company name. Then they got a phone book which they made a list of street names and they started looking through until they found Pringle Drive.

9. The machine making Pringles chips was developed by an author.

Gene Wolfe studied engineering at the University of Houston and eventually landed a job at Procter & Gamble right after serving as a combat engineer in the Korean War. While working at P&G, he developed the machine which used to make Pringles.

8. Pringles is one of the most popular crisp brands in the world.

Pringles are sold in over 140 countries and make a sale of over 1.4 billion dollars annually.

7. A Pringles can was buried with the ashes of its inventor.

Fredric J Baur was a food storage and organic chemist technician who invented the Pringles packaging. On 4th March 2008, he died and he had requested to be cremated and that a part of his ashes would be buried in a Pringles can that he was proud he invented. His family respected his wishes so that’s what they did.

6. The original story of Pringles was a bit different.

The original name of these was Pringle’s Newfangled Potato Chips. And Pringles, created by Alexander Liepa, were first sold in America in 1968 but were not popular until the mid 1970’s.

5. The mascot of Pringles actually has a name.

Even though he's changed over the years, the guy with a mustache has been on the can since the beginning. Now it's time for you to know his name: Julius Pringles.

4. Brad Pitt starred in the Pringles' commercial "Once You Pop."


3.Pringles aren't actually potato chips.

Although they were set to be called Newfangled Potato Chips, they aren’t actually potato chips. According to a court of law, they only have a potato content of 42%; therefore, they are excluded from the 15% Value Added tax for potato chips.

2. You can use a Pringles can to cook a hot dog in.


1. There have been more than 100 flavors.

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