7 Surprising Facts About The Neighbourhood

Since the year the NBHD released their first album ,I Love You, they’ve become one of the most popular bands of 2010’s in the world. However, how well do you know about them? Check out some interesting facts about The Neighbourhood we compiled for you.

7. It was Zach's idea to have Tommy Wiseau in the 'Scary Love' music video.

6. According to Zach, the band never saw themselves as an alternative rock band

"I would say we never saw ourselves as an alternative band. We all started making music because of our love of pop." -Zach Abels, tmrw magazine, volume 23

5. Jeremy is a big fan of The Beatles

He says that The Beatles has inspired him so much since he was a kid.

4. The band's favorite place to perform is California

3. Jesse's favorite subject is English

2. The band describes their music as dark-pop

1. It's "the Neighbourhood", not "the Neighborhood"

The band uses the British spelling of their name, because the American spelling was already taken.

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