12 Interesting Facts About Venus You Didn’t Know Before

If you are the type of person who loves learning some random facts about planets and our solar system, this list of 12 interesting Venus facts is just for you. So keep reading to learn some interesting facts that will help you get to know the planet Venus better. Here’s a list of 12 interesting facts about Venus we’ve compiled for you.

12. Venus is the closest neighbor of the planet Earth.

11. It is the second planet from the sun in the solar system after Mercury.

10. It is generally called Earth's "sister planet" due to their similar mass, size, proximity to the Sun and etc.

9. It is the hottest and brightest planet in the solar system, even though Mercury is closer to the Sun.

8. It does not have any moons.

7. It is a terrestrial planet that is small and rocky.

6. It spins the opposite direction of the planet Earth and many other planets.


5. A day on Venus lasts 243 Earth days while a year on Venus lasts 225 Earth days.

4. Venus's neighboring planets are Earth and Mercury.

3. It has been known since ancient times as it can be seen easily without a telescope.

2. There have been several spacecrafts that visited Venus. Some of them can be listed as Mariner 2, Mariner 5, Mariner 10, Pioneer Venus 1, Pioneer Venus 2 and etc.

1. The name "Venus" actually comes from the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

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