This Quiz Will Reveal Whether You Will Get Friendzoned Or Not

If you are asking “Will I be friendzoned?” take this quiz. This test will reveal whether you will fall into the friend zone or not!

  1. 1 1. How long have you known your crush?

    1. Days
    2. A few weeks
    3. A few months
    4. A year or more
  2. 2 2. How did you meet?

    1. School
    2. Work
    3. Social media
    4. Through mutual friends
  3. 3 3. Do you often compliment each other?

    1. Yes
    2. No
  4. 4 4. Has he/she dated anyone else since you met him/her?

    1. Yes
    2. No
  5. 5 5. Finally, what word best describes your relationship to your crush?

    1. Classmate
    2. Coworker
    3. Friend
    4. Stranger

This Quiz Will Reveal Whether You Will Get Friendzoned Or Not

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  1. Quiz result

    Sorry... But the probability of hearing the phrase "I see you as a friend" is so high...

    Seems like you've been already friendzoned! But don't worry there may still be some ways to get out of the friendzone. Good luck on finding them!

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  2. Quiz result

    Seems like you both like each other.

    You may be waiting for the right time, but there may not be such a thing as the right time. So revealing your feelings for each other can be the best first step to a good relationship.

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