20 Best Inventing Anna Quotes

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20. "Everyone else is woke but Chase is wake."

19. "New money always gets the most expensive bottle. Anna ordered like generational wealth. Regions, years. Anna belonged. Anna was society."

18. "I was always who I am. Maybe it will help the both of us going forward if you stop thinking about me like everyone else. Like basic, ya know?"

17. "Pay attention, maybe you will learn to be smart like me. I doubt it, but you can dream."

16. "A percentage of nothing is still nothing, you moron."

15. “You think that there was some evolution, like in the movies or whatever, but I was always who I am.”

14. “I made one of those cheap 1-800-get-a-lawyer commercials last year. It’s humiliating… want to watch it?”

13. “I work for my success. I earn my accomplishments. Pay attention – maybe you'll learn how to be smart like me. I doubt it, but you can dream.”

12. “I’ve run out of time, and if you tell me the joy of having a daughter is supposed to make up for the loss of my career, the loss of the thing that lights up my brain, I swear to god I swill smother you in your sleep.”

11. “Broken, perhaps. I’ve never seen anyone so fierce, turn so fragile so quickly.”

10. “I don’t ever assume someone else is picking up my check. I always assume a bill’s coming due. That’s life – nothing’s free.”

9. “Being pregnant is a s**t excuse not to come see me. You’re not special – people have babies every day, they squat in fields. I’m in prison.”

8. “I’m f*****g down to fight, but you need to stop fighting me.”

7. “It is better to believe monsters make monsters.”

6. “VIP is always better, Vivian.”

5. "With a media visit, they put us in a private room."

4. "What are you wearing? You look poor."

3. "I don’t sell out my friends."

2. "That b*tch was flawless. People like that are born with taste."

1. "Fashion pays in style, not in hundreds."

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