25 Best Squid Game Quotes

Netflix’s Squid Game has become one of the most-watched series on the platform since its worldwide lunch on September 17, 2021. It attracted more than 140 million members and amassed more than 1.65 billion hours of views during the first four weeks from its release. It has quickly become a hit all around the world thanks to its well-written characters, incredible plot and unforgettable lines. So, here are some of the best quotes from Squid Game.

25. “I’m good at everything, except the things I can’t do."

24. “This is hell. what are the rules in hell?”

23. “I don’t have a home to go back to. In here, I stand a chance at least. But out there? I got nothing out there.”

22. “Good rain knows the best time to fall.”

21. “You have a reason to leave this place, but I don’t.”

20. "You killed all those people. Yet you call this a game."

19. "A player is not allowed to stop playing."

18. "My brother had the same card. The one you had. And he’s currently missing."

17. "My town called that game the Squid Game."

16. "And in that moment I felt as if I owned the entire world."

15. "That’s right. You die."

14. "Dad, you’re free to get in fights, just don’t get beaten up."

13. "I guess everyone is tired."

12. “Do you know what someone with no money has in common with someone with too much money? Living is no fun for them.”

11. "You took more from me than whatever I might possibly owe."

10. "You don’t trust people because they are trustworthy. You do it because you have nothing else to rely on."

9. "Don’t do it. That isn’t you. You’re a good person at heart."

8. "Look at me, life is short."

7. "How much is the truth? And how much is a lie?"

6. "Doing something is always more fun than just watching."

5. "It doesn’t matter how tough you are, you are not going to win on your own."

4. "Life is like a game, there are many players. If you don’t play with them, they’ll play with you."

3. "We’ve already come too far to end this now."

2. "If you have too much money, it doesn’t matter what you buy, eat or drink. Eventually, everything gets boring."

1. "Do you think money solves everything?"

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