Let’s Find Out Which Ed Sheeran Song You Really Are

“The club isn’t the best place to find a lover.”

  1. 1 1. What do you think would be a cool visual in a music video?

    1. Someone kicking through a wall
    2. Anime-style art
    3. Having it filmed in black and white
    4. Black liquid flowing out of someone's eyes
  2. 2 2. Choose a word you're a fan of.

    1. Bad
    2. Great
    3. Silly
    4. Goodbye
  3. 3 3. Now, pick your favorite diva!

    1. Jennifer Lopez
    2. Madonna
    3. Lady Gaga
    4. Beyonce
  4. 4 4. Which of these would most improve your life?

    1. Saving more money
    2. Learning a new language
    3. Taking a trip
    4. Learning a new skill
  5. 5 5. You’re roped into doing karaoke. What happens next?

    1. Yeah, I'll take the rope off and leave
    2. I'll sing in a group
    3. I'll sing solo and be super nervous
    4. You can bet I'll sing like a total superstar
  6. 6 6. Which of these unusual vacations would you pick?

    1. Going into space
    2. Sailing around the world
    3. Kayaking the Amazon
    4. Climbing Everest
  7. 7 7. What kind of instrument do you like?

    1. Violin
    2. Guitar
    3. Piano
    4. Kick drum
  8. 8 8. What award would you want to win the most in your life?

    1. Academy Award
    2. Grammy Award
    3. MTV Video Music Award
    4. Awards aren't important to me
  9. 9 9. What's something you've been focused on lately?

    1. Being more open and honest with the people in my life
    2. Getting over a breakup
    3. Getting over a betrayalfrom a friend
    4. I'm focusing on myself and self-love
  10. 10 10. How would you describe yourself?

    1. My life is a low-key banger
    2. I'm a fairytale heroine
    3. I'm dark and dramatic
    4. I like to let people in and let them know who I am

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