Answer These Questions And We’ll Tell You Which The Neighbourhood Song You Are

This test will reveal what the nbhd song you are!

  1. 1 First, pick a color.

    1. Blue
    2. Yellow
    3. Black
    4. Purple
  2. 2 Where would you like to go on vacation?

  3. 3 Which drink would you prefer on a hot summer day?

    1. Beer
    2. Coke
    3. Iced Coffee Latte
    4. Iced Tea
  4. 4 What is your least favorite music genre?

  5. 5 Which tv show describes best your life?

    1. Californication
    2. Breaking Bad
    3. How I Met Your Mother
    4. BoJack Horseman

Answer These Questions And We'll Tell You Which The Neighbourhood Song You Are

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  1. Quiz result

    "Sweater Weather"

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  2. Quiz result

    "Kill Us All"

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  3. Quiz result


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  4. Quiz result

    "Daddy Issues"

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